Owning a Picasso is lame...

Imagine the impossible!

What we do

designed to realize dreams

Dedicated in building a high-end car collection with the aim to sustain and preserve automotive-art.


We provide the possibility in sharing automotive love. Adrenaline? Supercar-thrill? Unleash an available beast for as long you want, we will definitely satisfy your desires.


Presenting a Picasso is boring. We make every car-enthusiasts wet dream a reality. We go everywhere and do whatever it takes to show you the most outrageous car-porn on earth.


Take the opportunity to fulfill your supercar dream. Looking at supercars is fun, but we take it to a whole new level. We help you to get access and own your dream car.

Just like you, we have been told that some things are impossible.

But what if we told you, that there is not such a thing? Impossible these days might take a little longer. But it will get done. Our “impossible” goal is to re awake the desire and raise the awareness to the automotive world. A car is not a car, it is exciting, pushing physical boundaries and it is mesmerizing in its design and engineering artistry. It’s our mission to inspire people and show the beauty of supercars, we want to awake your interest in every detail of this amazing craftsmanship!

You decide what excites

Our Fleet

Can you decide?


Our Client See

The Brief team has been sincerely committed to designing great communication around our projects. Our customers love their cars and work - and so do we!

Teena Johny


Just sitting in one of these amazing cars is enough to set your inner child free. The RSI Team is amazingly polite, professional and loves cars just as much as its customers.

Ahmed Shawky

Car enthusiast

I had my eyes set on a specific car since i was a child. RSI was the first and only company who found a model on sale for me and provided me with the possibility to buy my dream car.

Hisham Megahed

Car lover

Be thrilled

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