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Art on wheels. For us, this is the most honest and powerful expression of exceptionally and appreciation. Owning a Picasso or Van Gogh is okay, but does it really fulfill you? Does it make your childhood dreams come true? You can benefit from a similar appreciation and lasting value when you buy something we call art on wheels. We've assembled a spectacular collection of rare vehicles.

Since these rare vehicles usually end up in garages, our mission is to get them back on the road and under the sun - in their natural habitat. We want to raise awareness of the hidden world of automobiles and give you the opportunity to be a part of it.


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Getting the impossible done.

We are working on the supercar-dream, collecting high-end luxury cars. The “broad” term luxury for us is more focused on rare/special. We will fulfill your wildest and most outrageous supercar dream. Buy, rent or display your dream with us.

If you want to exhibit automotive history at your event, please make sure to contact us in time, so we can arrange the transport and security measures. Simply send us an inquiry to receive a personalized offer. Whether you want to display a GT3 RS at a race or a DB5 at a Gala Dinner, our cars never disappoint and will impress your car-enthusiasts.

With this service we make your most outrageous car dreams a reality. Sometimes all you want is an hour or maybe several days of pure adrenaline, fun and exclusivity

it’s all about driving your dream car. Unleash your inner car enthusiast and rent your dream car now!

Have you set your eyes on your own supercar? Look into our inventory and find your dream car now. If we cannot provide the car you are looking for, please reach out to us. We will go everywhere and do whatever it takes, to bring you closer to your very own supercar.


our team

The best team ever!


Matthias Wachsler- Markowitsch


Our Client See

The Brief team has been sincerely committed to designing great communication around our projects. Our customers love their cars and work - and so do we!

Teena Johny


Just sitting in one of these amazing cars is enough to set your inner child free. The RSI Team is amazingly polite, professional and loves cars just as much as its customers.

Ahmed Shawky

Car enthusiast

I had my eyes set on a specific car since i was a child. RSI was the first and only company who found a model on sale for me and provided me with the possibility to buy my dream car.

Hisham Megahed

Car lover


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