DB5 Goldfinger Continuation

    4.0-liter in-line six-cylinder engine
    290 PS
    ZF five-speed manual transmission
  • As seen on
    007 - Goldfinger
  • Limited
    No. 19 of 25
  • Work
    4.500 hours per car
  • First built


It is full of special 007 gadgets

1965, when Aston Martin ended manufacture of the original DB5. A mere 900 vehicles were built. 55 years later, the brand's most famous sports car rolls off the assembly line once again with the same jaw-dropping design.

Also included are several nice gimmicks. Because the so-called "Continuation Car" is a tribute to the DB5, which James Bond alias Sean Connery drove in the 1964 film "Goldfinger". 25 of these "Continuation Cars" are in the pipeline.

Oil nozzle system
bump rams
tyre shredding kit
machine guns
Phone compartment
bullet guard
custom gadget controls
center console control



Painted in "Silver Birch" to closely resemble the original, the car took about 4,500 hours of craftsmanship to create the meticulously detailed reproductions of the movie car.

From the (non-functioning!) twin machine guns up front to a fully functioning smoke protection system in the back, the DB5 is loaded with James Bond goodies. It even has a removable passenger-side roof panel.

The rotating license plate is operational front and rear, and has three different license plates even, while rams are embedded at both ends of the car.

Rounding out the list is the simulated tire slash, as well as a simulated oil drain system at the rear, where Aston Martin has also included a submersible guard for protection from bullets. This guard is fully operational and will actually protect the driver against bullets! Inside, the 007 atmosphere is further enhanced by the simulated radar screen tracker map and a full size phone installed in the driver's door. There is also a storage compartment for "weapons" under the driver's seat.


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